Alternative Recruitment Methods

Did you know that some companies are having trouble attracting and hiring people? This is because there aren't enough jobs, and the ones out there don't pay well.

The alternative recruitment market has been growing in recent years, with a number of companies and organizations using these new methods to find the best candidates. We will look at alternative recruitment methods such as social media advertising, professional networking sites and video interviewing.

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Some companies have had trouble attracting and hiring people. To do this, they have been investing in employer branding and showing off their company culture. But many companies still can't find the people they want to hire. New types of recruitment approaches have been developed in recent years: Technology-based, game-based, or a combination of both.


There are lots of different jobs that people can do. They can choose a job in one industry or another, or they can work outside the country. There are more and more candidates who don't actively search for jobs.


Candidates who have skills that companies need will be able to find a job easier than before because there is not enough workers with these skills in the market. Younger people want different things from their careers than older generations did.


Recruiters must find a way to show them what they need without making them think that it is unrealistic for them to get it, like if they're not young enough or something like that.

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Statistics on Alternative Recruiting Methods


  • If you're looking for the holy grail candidate who has 100% of everything you need, then you may miss out on other golden candidates who can bring a variety of skills to the organisation. (

  • No less than 98% of sent text messages are being read. (

  • On top of that, the response rate for texts is 45% – as opposed to only 6% for emails. (

  • Particularly younger generations of job seekers use some kind of social channel when they're looking for a job – 86% to be exact. (

  • In 2020, according to McKinsey, companies may not be able to fill one in ten roles they need. (

  • Robert Walters research shows that 56% of employers have had at least some difficulty recruiting professionals. (

  • 16% are finding it extremely hard to find the right people for the majority of roles they are looking to fill. (

  • Assessing skills: 85% of recruiters believe candidates exaggerate skills and competencies on their resume according to the Monster 2019 State of the Recruiter survey . (

  • The Mercer Global Talent Trends 2019 study reveals that 52% of organizations consider that excessive time to fill is their top human capital risk. (

  • Prospective recruitment was associated with high agreement to participate (72%), but subsequent low return of actual saliva samples (42%). (

Common Questions Related To Alternative Recruitment Methods

Why consider alternative recruitment strategies?

Recruitment is never a one size fits all process. Different strategies are needed for different companies, but some methods that might be helpful include the following:

  • Networking through professional connections- including ones found on LinkedIn, and so forth;
  • Employing universities to staff the company (either through internships or full time positions);
  • Utilizing recruiting agencies that specialize in certain fields;
  • Employing recruitment firms or temporary staffing agencies;
  • Advertising job openings via traditional outlets like newspapers and personals ads as well as via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Event marketing tactics, such as having workshops at job fairs about interviewing skills;
  • Creating "target list" of prospective candidates based on geographical location or industry-related factors when looking.


Alternative Recruitment Methods: Fab or Fad?

Candidates have many jobs to choose from. They can look for new jobs in different industries or countries. There are more people who don't actively search for a job, they wait for companies to find them. There is more of a demand than supply of workers with high skills, so recruiters need to find the right way to pitch themselves while also keeping expectations realistic for Millennials.


How AI & recruitment technology is changing recruiting experience

AI and recruitment technology are changing the way we hire people. For a long time, HR analysts would look for resumes. Now, they are just one of the first people to check.

When it comes to hiring talent, you want someone who has the skills you need for your company. But there is not a lot of demand for high skill workers now because it's hard to find them.

Millennials have different goals than other generations had before them. The recruiters must show what kind of work they do and how their environment could be a good fit without being too difficult.