You got the most suitable candidates available for your job. Great! But now you have to decide on picking THE BEST candidates from a pool of top candidates. Use these four proven evaluation techniques to get the best pick of the bunch!

It’s crucial for your company’s performance that you get candidates that are well-matched for the job and are also unparalleled in terms of their expertise. According to Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Research report, 82% of the companies use pre-employment tests to assess their candidates. This leaves these organizations with only the best candidates. Now it’s down to further shortlisting them. Use these four methods to land with the best among the best.

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Look for their work ethics and attitude towards the job

While on the lookout for finding the perfect candidate, make sure that the person you choose is not too egoistic and is humble. On the other hand, you also have to make sure that the said candidates aren’t too modest. 

People with good work ethics find it easier for themselves to blend in and perform well in collaborative tasks. The person should be able to do the tasks individually and be the star-performer of a workgroup at the same time. “While one bad apple can spoil the barrel, an individual who brings positive energy to your company can uplift your entire team,” says John Swanciger, CEO of Manta.

Evaluate if the candidates fit into your culture

Hiring a candidate with the best hard and soft skills doesn’t necessarily mean that that individual would fit into your organization’s culture. You have to beware of a cultural mismatch. By hiring the wrong candidate, you might be letting go of an applicant that would have been a better fit. 89% of hiring letdowns occur due to cultural mismatch. Don’t let it happen to your business!

To make sure that the person fits into the culture, you need to inform them about its culture. You can also hire them on probation to see how they’re blending in. 

Dive into their accomplishments and experiences

Base your evaluation on the candidate’s past accomplishments and experiences. Inquire as to how they overcame certain obstacles during their previous experiences and whether they can think out of the box or not. 

Get insight into their working techniques and analyze whether you are willing to hire them or not based on their past experiences. A great way to start is by using the ‘STAR Approach’ that focuses on the situation, target, action, and result. You can learn a lot about a person through their accomplishments.

Test them using real-life scenarios

Your final strategy towards evaluating the best candidates among the shortlisted candidates would be to test them. According to Outmatch, the most successful assessment approach is a “work sample” evaluation, explaining up to 29% of an employee’s performance.

Present them with real-life scenarios and problems and see what approach they take towards solving them. This will help you get insight into their ways of working and whether they can bring innovation into the work they perform or not. 

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