Dentist Job Description

Dentists diagnose oral health problems, restore oral tissues, and provide preventative dental care.

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A dentist, also known as a dental surgeon, is a medical professional who specializes in dental surgery and is licensed to practice dentistry. The title "dentist" is not protected in the same way as a medical doctor's designation; it is possible for someone without dentistry training to hold himself or herself out as, and perform the services of, a dentist.


Dentists diagnose oral health problems, restore oral tissues, and provide preventative dental care. They fill teeth, fix damaged or missing teeth, treat gingivitis (gum disease), place dental implants, straighten crooked teeth, remove sutures in the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders and repair traumatic injuries to denture-related tissues. They also examine mouths and teeth that are not anesthetized, and may perform oral cancer examinations.


The dentist treats patients under general anesthesia (if required), locates and removes (extracts) diseased, damaged, or infected teeth, and restores the mouth to health with dental prostheses that include fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, dentures, bridges and implants.


Dental treatment is either provided preventively or curatively. The aim of preventive dentistry is to maintain oral health through routine visits, while curative dentistry aims to treat and correct issues arising from normal wear of teeth and oral structures. Curative treatment includes diagnostic services (caries point location) and restorative services like dental fillings, crowns, bridges,

Statistics on Dentists


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