Financial Advisor Job Description

A financial advisor helps you set your goals and tells you what to do with the money. They help you decide what to buy and how much to spend.

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Financial advisors help businesses set financial goals and offer suggestions to maximize profitability. They also help develop financial plans, manage money and make investment recommendations.


Financial advisors are responsible for determining the best solutions to maximize their client's assets. They deal with several different kinds of organizations, including retail stores, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions such as investment firms and brokerage houses.


Employees who offer customers advice on finances or investments, either as a business or on a part-time basis, are defined in this category. They include financial planners who provide advice to the general public about how personal savings should be invested and stockbrokers who offer investment advice to individuals or organizations.


Financial advisors also work for insurance companies, where they sell and service life insurance policies; for banks and trust companies, where they offer financial and investment advice to customers; for mutual fund companies, which raise money for investment in the stock market; or for an independent broker/dealer.


The duties of a financial advisor vary by employer. Some provide clients with investment planning services, others offer only limited portfolio management or consultation on specific investments and some manage investments for their clients.


Most financial advisors work for securities firms or brokerage houses, and they may specialize in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate or other investments. They offer advice to individuals and organizations on how to manage income taxes, build a retirement portfolio and handle estate planning. Brokers who sell stocks and bonds as an agent of the company issuing the security may specialize by industry, such as real estate or life insurance.


Financial advisors also work for companies and organizations that offer employees pension plans. They typically set up retirement savings plans, monitor investment choices under a plan and offer advice to participants on how to manage their money most effectively. Financial consultants who advise businesses on how they might improve their financial situation are also included in this category.

Statistics on Financial Advisors


  • A typical percentage fee is 1%, while a typical hourly fee for financial advice ranges from $120 to $300. (
  • They found an advisor has the potential to add a net return of about 3% for clients, through different advisory services and an ongoing relationship. (

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