Marriage and Family Therapist Job Description

Marriage and family therapists are people who can help with the problems people have in their lives. They are trained to deal with mental and behavioral issues.

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Marriage and family therapists are trained to deal with both mental and behavioral issues that may be affecting people in their lives. Within the United States, most states require the title of "marriage and family therapist" applied by a license granted after graduation from a university approved program at either the master's or doctorate level.


Marriage and family therapists specialize within a number of areas such as psychology, social work, or mental health services. Some therapists are trained to deal with the individuals themselves while others are trained in group therapy. The age range of people who may seek counseling is varied as well from children and teens to adults and seniors.


Mental disabilities that can be treated include addiction, depression, ADD/ADHD, abuse issues (physical or verbal) and much more. The therapist is also trained to deal with other types of life crisis including death of a loved one, illness in the home etc. Some therapists are also able to accommodate for couples and families in crisis and can assist with the children as well.


Marriage and family therapists must hold a degree that is approved by their state board, they also need to obtain licensure before obtaining employment ( Marriage & Family Therapy Degree Guide ). In order to do so, an individual must have a psychology or social work background which includes coursework in psychology, biology, psychology and social psychology. The student must also have a strong background in psychology to see what therapy methods will be most effective on the client.


Within their career, marriage and family therapists deal with many different types of issues throughout therapy such as anger management. Depression or mood disorders may also be dealt within the office. Marriage and family therapists also deal with those who may be cutting themselves or have suicidal thoughts.

Statistics on Marriage and Family Therapists


  • Nearly 65.6% of the cases are completed within 20 sessions, 87.9% within 50 sessions. (
  • Over 98 percent of clients of marriage and family therapists report therapy services as good or excellent. (
  • After receiving treatment, almost 90% of clients report an improvement in their emotional health, and nearly two-thirds report an improvement in their overall physical health. (
  • When a child is the identified patient, parents report that their child's behavior improved in 73.7% of the cases, their ability to get along with other children significantly improved and there was improved performance in school. (

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