Mechanical Engineer Job Description

Mechanical engineers design and make tools that are used to perform tasks.

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Mechanical engineers design, create, and build tools as well as other machines that are used to perform tasks. Some of these machines include automobiles, household appliances, office equipment, elevators, escalators, aircrafts and more.


As a mechanical engineer you need to be able to understand how various systems operate in order to make improvements or build something completely new. Mechanical engineers need to be in good physical condition and be able to lift heavy objects as well as have good eyesight, the ability to understand technical drawings, excellent communication skills, and must be a self-starter.


To become a mechanical engineer you need to earn at least a bachelor's degree in either mechanical engineering or combined disciplines such as civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. A master's degree can help people advance quicker within the field. To work as an engineer, one needs to be licensed first before being able to work independently which usually requires passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.


Mechanical engineers earn an average wage between $50,000 to $60,000 a year according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most mechanical engineering jobs are found in manufacturing companies where they design and develop machines or processes for making products such as cars, buildings, and goods. Mechanical engineers can work in a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, bio-medical equipment, construction and others.


Since mechanical engineering is an applied science there has been rapid growth within the field. An aging population coupled with advances in technology have resulted in more products being designed for people to use. As a result the demand for mechanical engineers is expected to grow by 23 percent between now and 2026. This is much faster than average which indicates that people are always eager to create new products.

Statistics on Mechanical Engineers

  • In 2014, the total number of mechanical engineering jobs was projected to grow 5% over the next decade. (
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineering jobs will increase four percent by 2028 but because mechanical engineers can work in a variety of industries, the growth will vary by the industry in which they are employed. (
  • Mechanical engineers earn a median annual salary of $85,880 (according to Payscale). (
  • Overall they rank in the 43rd percentile of careers for satisfaction scores. (

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Mechanical Engineer Salary

The average salary for a Mechanical Engineer is $71,947.  (

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