Prosthodontist Job Description

Prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in making dental prostheses.

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Prosthodontists are dentists who specialize in the fitting and treatment of dental prostheses (artificial teeth, crowns, bridges and other replacement parts of natural teeth). Their areas of experience extend into oral diagnosis, facial esthetics, rehabilitation of the handicapped, restorative dentistry and surgery. Prosthodontics is one of the most highly specialized fields in dentistry.


Prosthodontists are dentists who have completed a 4-year residency in prosthodontics, an additional one to two years of training in a specialty area. They're board certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics and licensed by the state dental board. These experts are trained in diagnosis, treatment planning, restorations, crowns and bridges. They also are trained in facial function and esthetics.


According to the American Dental Association (ADA), prosthodontists most often deal with a wide range of problems concerning natural teeth and replacement teeth/prostheses including: oral diagnosis, analysis of occlusion (the way your jaws close together) and diagnosis of malocclusion (bad bite), treatment of temporomandibular joint problems, rehabilitation therapy for the handicapped, management of oral cancer, restoration of dental function after surgery, management of TMJ disorders, prosthetic procedures in dentistry and facial plastic surgery.


Prosthodontists are the experts in all areas of dentistry that relate to the replacement of missing teeth or parts of teeth. They diagnose and treat a wide variety of problems, including those involving dentures, crowns, bridges and implants. Prosthodontists also perform surgery when appropriate and manage special medical needs associated with dental prostheses such as TMJ disorders. In addition to their treatment services, prosthodontists are leaders in education and research in their areas of specialization.

Statistics on Prosthodontists


  • It's estimated that every year in the United States, nearly 300,000 people receive dental implants. (
  • Studies show that 25% of Americans say that their smile or teeth are the one facial feature they would change to boost their self-esteem. (

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