Honestly, we're tired of expensive recruiters and useless job boards. That's why we took smart, modern marketing tactics and reworked them for recruiting.

Now this is a story all about how
Our services got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
I'll tell you how we became the princes of recruiting.

Yup, we were marketers. Who crushed SEO, Social & Web for hundreds of clients.

For over 19 years, our company Insivia has been helping reach and convert people for businesses.

Every one of our clients asked us if we could help with their candidate recruiting. So we did.

And it worked extremely well. Our tactics drove more candidates than recruiting or job boards. Plus those strategies worked for months and years as we built targeted search traffic.

Then we launched RecruitSmart to crush hiring.

In a world where candidates are harder to reach, don't want to talk to recruiters, care about culture, and want to work somewhere they love... new tactics are required to successfully find great employees.

Meet Some Of Our Team

Andy Halko

Tony Zayas

Marissa Jansen

Owen McCafferty


Matt Benedetti

Michelle Sustar

Julia Parker

Rasha Uthman

Karl Espiritu

Katy Halko

Jim Floss

Spend 15 minutes with one of our recruiting specialists.

Answer a few questions and give us 15 minutes on your calendar to show you how RecruitSmart beats recruiters and job boards.


Job Boards

Multiple Openings For One Price

Focus on multiple openings at once.

Perpetual Value

What we do continues to produce candidates.

High Quality Candidates

Focused on candidates with jobs who prove to be better.


Leverage your culture to attract aligned candidates.

Not Priced On Salary Percentage

Man do recruiters charge a lot.

Highly Targeted

Go after candidates individually based on title and skill.

I'm interested in talking...

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Targeted Outreach
Candidate Nurturing
Search Optimization
Reputation Management
Soft Conversions
Content & media

Packages are right-sized for your organization and needs.

Recruiters and job boards charge one expensive price. We help you build a long-term consistent candidate funnel.

You'll work with an assigned account manager each month.

Get ongoing data on reach and conversion.

Month-to-month; or discounts for annual.

"Wanted to reach out and tell you that your system works! Going on two weeks and I’m just shy of 280 new (targeted) connections and at least 10 interviews booked."

Clay Muhlenkamp
Santa Ana, CA

"This approach is applicable both to “newbies” and “seasoned” companies to build credibility and engage folks."

Brian Kwiatkowski
Boston, MA

"This program has taken the concept that we should be more visible with candidates and designed to turn that into reality."

Dave Myklebust
Dublin, OH