2020 was a challenging year for all of us. It was a year of changes and shifts. Business went from recording all-time low unemployment rates early in the year to record-highs in June, July, and August. But, things have changed in 2021, thanks to effective recruitment marketing by the companies.

What is recruitment marketing?

Essentially, recruitment marketing refers to an organization's inbound strategies and techniques for finding, attracting, engaging, and nurturing talent before they apply for a position. It is often known as the pre-applicant phase of talent acquisition.

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Recruitment marketing strategies are both used by the HR and the hiring managers of the company. Marketing professionals incorporate their expertise and knowledge to help plan an effective and robust recruitment drive. These marketing strategies rely on skill, expertise, and technology to craft the ultimate talent acquisition process.

Why is recruitment marketing important in 2021?

As the world made a significant leap from conducting businesses in-person to taking them in a virtual environment due to the pandemic, there was a spike in online recruitment processes. Now that things are normalizing once again, businesses are adamant on keeping these operation ways in the swing. According to a Brazen Study, 96% of people say that virtual recruitment is the best way to acquire talent.

Companies are done with old ways of recruitment, and people have shifted towards virtual recruitment. To cope with this in the present times, it's pertinent that due importance is paid to recruitment marketing to design an efficacious recruitment process.

According to research, 83% of millennials are searching for their jobs on Google. To come up with an effective talent acquisition process, it’s necessary that these people are targeted.

Recruitment marketing assists recruiters in ensuring that quality applicants who visit their career websites can easily apply. This necessitates careful consideration by recruiters of the best method to nurture these individuals and take them through the talent acquisition process.

Recruiters should create an engaging environment for job seekers that offers them valuable content and resources to help them along the way. Recruitment marketing is used by companies to attract talent and make sure that they are aware of all the possibilities available within the organization. Recruitment marketing ensures that applicants who visit a company's career website see employment options other than the one they are interested in.

Recruitment marketing also helps customers be aware of the different career paths available through a single company.

Recruitment marketing can be used to promote jobs, career information and a company brand as well as attract talent by building a strong employer brand online. Recruitment marketing is important to ensure that recruiters have access to the most qualified applicants who are interested in more than their current job or career path.

Recruiters utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to post information on any new roles that have become available in the company or what careers may be available in the future.

Include the use of synergistic partners to help extend the reach of your marketing efforts and create awareness about a company's careers and attract talent by using different types of advertising on career websites such as job boards, CareerBuilder or SimplyHired.

Check out this talent attraction funnel which explains how to move people through recruitment marketing to candidates:

reference: https://www.linkedin.com/business/talent/blog/talent-analytics/recruitment-marketing-tools-and-how-to-use-them


Shifts in recruitment marketing trends in 2021

Recruitment marketing has been evolving ever since it became a talk. In 2021, recruitment advertising has seen the following trends. You can use these shifts to design a better recruitment campaign.

Using mobile apps

According to Appcast, 61% of job applications start using a mobile phone. For that reason, marketing specialists must target mobile users while creating a job posting. Your content should be optimized for search engines and target a lesser cost-per-click.

Companies are looking for diversity.

While designing a recruitment process, talent leaders are keener on looking for candidates from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. By incorporating diversity in their teams, they go for a more socially just recruitment. And a potent recruitment advertising approach would be to target people of all social backgrounds and constructs.

The constructive use of technology

With moving times, it's only fair that we make fruitful use of technology. For a productive recruitment campaign, you need to have the right resources at the right time. You should make use of technology to make your talent drive more successful and prevailing. This also breeds efficiency and cost-saving.

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