After the pandemic, it was only logical that companies shift towards online hiring processes for talent acquisition. You'll come across two terms when you talk about online recruitment – Virtual Recruitment Platforms & Online Interview Tools. But, which is better? Let’s find out.

According to a study conducted by SproutSocial, 59% of recruiters cited finding high-quality candidates when sourcing from social media.

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What Are Virtual Recruitment Platforms?

A virtual hiring platform is your one stop solution to every virtual hiring need. It is loaded with powerful features to help you promote and strategize your recruitment process. It allows you to interact with candidates, uplift your job posting, follow up with the right candidate, and nurture potential job holders during your talent acquisition drive.

You can educate job seekers with your requirements through video presentations and other material, and hold questions & answers sessions. Virtual recruitment platforms provide seamless communication between the hiring managers and the candidates. There's also an option for on-demand chats, and you can schedule follow-up interviews with the candidates as well.

What Are Online Interview Tools?

Online interview tools facilitate effective communication between the candidates and the talent team through text messages, calls, and video conferences. However, the recruitment process is not as interactive and all-inclusive as virtual recruitment platforms.

Virtual interview tools create a lobby of candidates before the interviewing stage; the respective candidates wait for their turns in the lobby to get a chance to communicate with the hiring managers. During this time, there's nothing to retain the candidate's attention or to engage them. Naturally, it causes many people to drop out. Also, they don't have as many virtual recruitment platforms that might give the candidates an engaging hiring procedure.

Which Is Better - Virtual Recruitment Platforms Or Online Interview Tools?

As you might have already guessed – Virtual recruitment platforms are far more preferred by both candidates and hiring managers. Online interview tools are great, but they aren't practical when many candidates await the queue. Plus, they don't have as many features as virtual recruitment platforms. As a result, there's a more significant workload on the talent acquisition team.

Virtual recruitment platforms allow for a comprehensive and interactive experience for both parties. The recruiting staff can quickly build relationships and walk the candidates through the process using online recruitment platforms.

Using Virtual Platforms To Enhance The Candidate Experience

The finest virtual recruiting event systems include a plethora of additional features that elevate the events, such as a superior mobile experience and the ability to seamlessly transition from a text-based chat to a live video interview.  The ease of connection makes applicants feel unique, builds trust, and enhances engagement throughout the recruitment process. In short – they provide a great hiring experience for the candidates.

The Best Recruitment Platforms You Can Go For

Listed below are the top five virtual recruitment platforms, as recommended by CollegeRecruiter.

  • 6Connex
  • Brandlive
  • Brazen
  • CareerEco
  • Crowdcast

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